A place of ease and calm
For quiet and reflection
For exploration and contemplation
For freedom
For learning, growth, and expansion
For remembering
For finding

Guidance for a life filled with awe and wonder.

I want to live in a world…

I want to live in a world…

Where smiling at strangers isn’t a strange thing.

Where “good mornings” flow freely. And people hold open doors for one another.

A world where honesty is not regarded as something to fear, but as an ultimate act of courage and kindness.

A world were being vulnerable and open hearted is seen as confident, sexy, and delicious.

I want to live in a world…

I want to live in a world…

Where everyone treats this gorgeous globe and all the gifts upon her with love, respect and gratitude – this planet, our most prized treasure.

A world that is caring… compassionate… connected…

I want to live in that world.

How about you?

I am a problem solver and a strategist. An intention setter and a solutions expert. I’m also an earth-loving maker of stuff and things.

I am a holder of hope.

Some might say I’m an annoying optimist. Others say I’m pure inspiration.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people clear the clutter in their thoughts, trust the whispers in their heart and turn their dreams into reality.

Because living a fully satisfying, delicious, knee-knocking, goose bumps, grinning ear-to-ear life happens first by having a desire…

A dream…

A wish…

And then taking action towards making that happen.

(Sometimes you just need a gentle kick in the pants to get started.)

I am the kicker of pants!

This is what I do.

Thank you for stopping by my virtual piece of the earth.

Thank you for allowing me to share my hopes and dreams with you.

Love and infinite appreciation,


P.S: Did you know the heart has a brain all of it’s own? Ask me. I’ll tell ya all about it. There’s scientific proof. So cool!

P.P.S: Here’s my fancy pants, official bio:

Ketrena Schultz is a counselor, coach and art therapist who helps people become happy, confident lovers of life.

Ketrena will help you get clear about your desires, make more empowered choices, and take command of your life. Through inspiration, and love.

Her holistic, playful approach, and broad knowledge of fitness, nutrition, life understanding and psychology, will ensure you experience more value and progress than you ever could have imagined.

When she’s not working with her incredible clients or making something cool (art, sewing, baking, crochet), she can be found strolling the Kelowna waterfront or devouring books while sipping a delicious americano at her favourite coffee shop.

Learn how to be a happy, confident lover of life!

Ketrena Schultz