You are here to live fully.
I want to help you do that.

Through the power of creativity, the wisdom of nature, and mindful practices I offer compassionate, holistic, and tailored support.

Inspiring you to rise beyond limiting belief patterns, nurture the expansion of your self-awareness, and empower you to build practical and soulful skills for sustainable wellbeing.

inspired… confident… happy…
belief is everything.

I’m a listener. I hold space.
I am an Art Therapist. A Counsellor. A Coach.

My work is about helping you feel the way you want to feel.

Good. Better. Happy. Loved. Secure. Successful.
I’m also rooting for less stressed. Empowered. Inspired. Connected. Alive.

I’m exceptional at creating space for people to feel safe so they can go deep. So they can let go, heal, and grow.

I’m here to help you reconnect to your creativity. To show you how to tap into your intuition. And if intuition is too “woo” for you, let’s call it your inner wisdom 😉

I live with love.
I work for the light.

I’m here. For you.