Do you know how amazing you are?

You are!

It’s true.

If you’re not feeling it right now—I totally get it!

Before the messiness of life gets tightly packed into our backpacks we begin as free spirits filled with awe and wonder—curiosity and creativity—bravery and exploration.

We are free of judgement and brimming with essence.

We are born amazing.

As a little girl, I had fleeting dreams of becoming a ballerina.

I mean look at these feet, they were made for nut cracking!!!

Sadly, ballet lessons were not in the budget. But it never stopped me from tippy toeing all around the house. When you’re little the world is nothing but endless possibilities.

When I was five years old with the help of my Daddy I entered my first colouring contest and won.

That my friends, was enough to set my dreams of becoming an artist a Blaze.

There’s more to that story… and I’m happy to share… but right now, I want to hear YOUR story!

What lights you up?!

Are you following your heart?

Are you chasing your dreams?

Do you just want MORE?!

Tell me!